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About Souq

Powered by Blockstack and Blockchain technology, Souq gives its user an unprecedented level of insight and participation in crowd funding initiatives, locally or abroad.

Decentralized Identity

By leveraging the decentralized identity system provided by Blockstack, users become self sovereign.

Crypto Wallet

Like a traditional Wallet, users can send and receive Crypto, easily enabling users to voluntarily fund Tags, Tasks, and Projects..

Distributed Storage

By storing Tags, Tasks, and Projects data in your preferred storage, your ambitious initiative is truly owned by you.

Geospatial Search

Finding what other user list is easy, you can search for Tags, Tasks, and Projects by location Proximity.

Inspect Details

Deep diving into the details of a Tag, Task, or Project is very intuitive since data is presented in a standardized layout.

Crowd Funding

Through the power of People and the power of Blockchains, users have a framework to fund their constituents initiatives directly.

How does Souq Work?

Launch Souq

Accessing Souq is easy via our web application (Link soon).

Sign In with Blockstack

Once on Souq simply Sign in with your Blockstack ID.

Create Objects

Easily create Tags, Tasks, and Projects stored in your storage.

Get Donations

Users can easily donate to your Tags, Tasks, and or Projects with Crypto.

What They Say About Souq

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