Decentralized Crypto Crowdfunding

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What is Souq?

Souq is a decentralized crypto crowdfunding application.

Decentralized Identity

You become self sovereign by leveraging Blockstacks decentralized identity system.

Crypto Crowdfunding

You can fund each other's initiatives directly through the power of blockchains.

Location Awareness

You have an unprecedented level of insight and participation in crowdfunding globally.

Getting Started

To use Souq you will need a Blockstack ID, if you are on a personal computer we recommend fully installing the Blockstack Browser. (otherwise use the Blockstack Browser Web App to sign in.)

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Be the Change

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

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Souq Features


Any person, thing, or entity can freely interact with other members or parties by creating transactions in the network.


Your wallet is derived from your Blockstack identity. We never control your funds and can not see your private key.

Minimal Service Fees

Fees range from 0.5% - 1% depending on market and situation conditions.


Other Funding Apps


All operations in the application are controlled by the platform administrators and subject to censorship.


Your funds are not secured by blockchains. They only become available to you if their administration permits it.

Large Service Fees

Fees range from 5% - 10% depending on which other platform you are using.


Easily discover nearby content on the Map and with Graphs visualize your Wallet transaction history.


All users have a unique profile page that showcases their public Markers, Tags, Images, Events, Tasks, and Projects.


Send and Receive tokens; to Names, to Markers, to Tags, to Images, to Events, to Tasks, to Projects, or to traditional Addresses.


Add peers to your Contacts to follow what they post, and conveniently Send tokens to them by Name.


Set geographic points of interest and link them to crypto addresses so you can receive tips for what you discover.


Create custom hash Tags that are capable of receiving tips via a specified crypto address.


Upload a picture, set its crypto address, add some of your Tags and a Marker to enable more awareness.


Set a Start and End Date and Time, add Tags, a Marker, some Images, and a crypto address to raise funds.


Transparently present the specific endeveors of your Project and receive pay outs as you complete work.


You and your partners manage the allocation of funding to empower the completion of your stated objectives.

Cryptocracy Team

Ty George

Using voluntarist principles, Ty has been developing Souq since its inception in early 2017 and continues to advance key features.

Akash Kaushik

Akash joined the Cryptocracy team in early 2018, and has been instrumental in Souq's component functionality & UX.

Alexey Nelipovich

Alexey joined the Cryptocracy team in early 2018, and has developed Souq's BTC wallet as well as other components.

Abdul Kotwal

Abdul join the Cryptocracy team in 2017, after developing Souq's first concept android app, he's now focusing on R&D for other dapps.